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K 150

IRC Taxation Service - SME Tax Compliance Status Consulting Service

Tokarara, National Capital
07 Jan 2023
I’m looking assist SMEs and provide tax compliance status consultancy service in PNG for a fee of K150 as disclosed. Basically, I will obtain from IRC your tax statement of account and advise you on:
• Your current tax liability or refund status
• The types of tax returns that’s outstanding and their lodgement dates
• The correct tax return forms you require to fill out and lodge
• Type of disclosures or supporting documents you are required to lodge with your tax returns
• Provide feedback on whatever questions you may have
• For an extra K60, I can help you set up your online IRC self-service account on the IRC website
• I also do TIN registration for K35.

For disclosure purposes, I'm an industrial practicing accountant and this is a side hustle I'm looking to undertake.
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