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Mobile Etiquette For Papua New Guineans

Port Moresby, National Capital
27 Jan 2022
In today's generation, mobile phones have become more of our life than what we actually need such as; if you want to check the time; why need a wrist watch when i have my phone, or what's the date today again?; oh! wait I can check my phone's calendar, or I have to wake up early tomorrow for work gotta set the alarm; oh! wait I'll just set it on my phone.
Everything we need is all available in the gadget we carry around with us. So, as when it comes to answering a call or making a call with our hand held device, we tend to lose the appropriate language to use whilst making a call or answering a call or how we address someone we are speaking to over the mobile. Some of us tend to expect that the person on the other end of the line to know what we're talking about or who we're talking too.

Therefore, I want to help my fellow papua new guineans to learn to speak over the phone and not to expect the receiver of their call to be a mind reader, to know whom they're speaking to and what they're talking about.

That is why I have decided to create a short course on "Mobile Etiquette For Papua New Guineans".
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