Thinking Of Customizing Your Car? Here Are Some Tips

Feb. 2, 2021, 09:48 am.


It is more like a tradition - provided you're in the business of owning a new car - once you've passed your driving test, the obvious next step is to own a car. 


This may also come in the form of two unequivocal reasons: to take the strain out of travelling from point A to B, for some. To reflect their personality in something that's as exciting and visible everyday, everywhere - for others.


If you identify with the second reason, then customizing your car is your best shot, to begin with. 


Without any hint of breaking your bank account, Marketmeri has compiled the following tips to note when you decide on customizing your car.


Customize your car


1. Start with brakes


Customizing your car does not mean four parts cabin light, or two parts windscreen and one part bonnet makeover. Rather, identifying which parts of your car are bog-standard old stories, and replacing them with amazing upgrade schemes to this effect.



Every vehicle part has a significant value. Some are more vital than others but are equally like a proper equation; they all fit in equally to reinforce the purpose of your vehicle on the road. Nevertheless, one such part is the brake. Good brakes are fundamental in a car's movement, 


OEM (or original equipment manufacturer) brakes that are standard in all vehicles are perhaps highly exceptional within city limits, because you want to get to work on time, visit friends and wantoks in other parts of the city, or explore the vibrant shopping hubs on a weekend, whatever your reasons are.


Upgraded brakes will also be handy if you've chosen to increase your car's speed.


But if you're heavily involved in high performance driving, live in a particular steep climb, or an area where you'd need improved braking power, then customizing your car is your next best alternative.


Brake upgrade alternatives will range from changing various parts of the brake pad, rotors, or the brake caliper, or even using steel brake lines. Make sure these options are well-researched and also seek expert advice before moving on.


2. Create decals



This tip falls under the category of drivers who believe in the idea of representing their personalities on their cars, at the same time being different from other car owners. At this stage, decals are the way to go. And In case you misunderstand decals, you can create them yourself.


There are certainly a few ways to utilize decals. Say you have a graphics program installed in your computer or mobile phone (Adobe Photoshop or Inkscape, etc), in addition to a good understanding of its usage, you can easily create designs based on your preferences.


There are other such programs as well, if you're comfortable using freehand on paper, for instance Scan2CAD, which allows you to convert your drawing. 


However, not all car owners in PNG are expected to possess this knowledge. But, as a way of shedding light on new ideas and taking into account some tricks and tools of this trade, we had to include it with these tips.


3. Upgraded sound system


If you're from Central province, live in Port Moresby, and have the habit of visiting your village by vehicle almost every weekend, it's not uncommon to prepare for the trip. Apparently, food, clothes and everything village-bound will factor into this preparation.


To top it all, you have music and the ride itself, little things that can give value to the trip alone. This brings us to this third tip: upgraded sound system. Now you ask yourself, what good is great music without a great sound system (or a variant of it}?



Fortunately, today's vehicles are retrofitted with unconventional entertainment systems that have rendered the days of cassettes and cassette players obsolete. For those who can relate, it's time to consider an upgrade to your entertainment system, if you haven't done so recently.


The upgrades shouldn't be too pricey, if you know someone who can do the same kind of upgrade for a fair amount, compared to major dealers and service providers.


4. A comfortable ride


Just like everything else, there are pertinent benefits and drawbacks, and car ownership isn't an exception; much less, driving. While it is true that vehicles give us the freedom of roaming freely, we can easily neglect the fact that driving involves a lot of sitting down.


This brings to mind comfort - and a cheap car seat imitation may just as well be a grim driving experience. 


But as innovation would have it, there are many options to avail on the market, when it all boils down to your car seats. 


This means moving away from the usual black or grey seat cover schemes, and leaning towards the more interesting ones. And if you have enough saved aside, go for quality seat covers.


Also keep in mind that you won't be the only one in your vehicle when out driving. Your family, relatives and friends will be your passengers from time to time. So ensure the seats meet both you and your passengers' needs.


5. Clever lighting



Choosing to customize your car this way, is only the beginning, and easily achievable, too. All you need is to decide on using it, then select between a range of interior and exterior lighting, whatever your preference is, and get to work.


Other more extravagant alternatives will include LED floor lighting, or you replace the ceiling light with a creative option that reflects the night sky, and the list goes on.


6. Customize the wheels


Lastly, but not the least, the wheels. It goes without saying that there are dozens upon dozens of alternatives out there to explore, when you want to customize your wheels.


Your inspiration may be traced to a movie you’ve watched earlier, or a magazine on vehicle upgrade and design ideas.

Moreover, research, read, ask around or hook up with enthusiasts in this area, and be splashed with everything car customization.




This article is meant for informational purposes only. Marketmeri digs into the details of a specific topic and teaches its readers all about how the real estate industry operates. Therefore, not all articles are intended to be construed as financial, or investment advice.

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