Oct 23, 2019


The POM City Markets is a general purpose city market, originally conceived by Pascoe Promotions. The initiative, supported by Marketmeri and Hausples, is to offer a safe haven designed especially to bring together local crafts people, entrepreneurs and anyone wishing to sell, to create a market full of unique gifts. Due to growing interests, POM City Markets is now a fortnightly event at the Sir John Guise Stadium.

One of many to come, The POM City Markets attract over 70 stalls with many a unique something for visitors. From hand made to hand picked, those who attend are guaranteed to take up some time pondering what is in front of them at each stall. Different levels of quality, sizes, and colors resonate throughout. Locally handcrafted products like bilums and tapa caps, or jewelry and collectibles, all compete for customers' attention. Ironically, the products do the selling. Not the sellers.

The market is always a-buzz with a family-friendly atmosphere showcasing some of PNG’s untapped imagination and talent that have huge potential to rewrite authenticity. Sure enough, there are lots on display with spontaneous entertainment to whisk your mind away. What is more exciting is that the visiting crowd often a mixture of locals and tourists.

Upcycled items are undoubtedly the main attraction in this event, in the form of empty wine bottles turned into flower vases by spray paint, thin rope, and painted broom sticks; gold-painted K1 coins as necklaces among several collectibles; rechargeable gas lighters individually shaped like a pen drive with a bottom similar in shape of a USB slot, and a box set of 6 cricket balls amidst pots of plants.

These are some of the features that spark the success of POM City Markets and what it stands for as an ideal platform for SME promotions. 

Better yet, if you arrive on an empty stomach and a dry throat, there’s a variety of local food and drinks to select. The more imaginative vendors focused on palatable takeaways, like the ever-popular tropical barbeque and the mouthwatering teriyaki pork. 

Drinks are sometimes outshined by quirky ideas such as an icy cold kulau (young coconut) with a straw, relieved from an esky filled with ice cubes. These are part of the be-all and end-all of this exciting event by Pascoe Promotions. 

An open and family-friendly atmosphere, safe car park, and local vendors (both the established and the upcoming) offering fresh and creative works of varying designs, lengths, colors and stories that borders on imagination and authenticity, pretty much sums up this exciting event. 

So, what do you get when you cross imagination, authenticity, and a set of cricket balls?...POM City Markets.

This Saturday 26th October will also see another POM City Market installment, sponsored by Marketmeri of course, at the Sir John Guise Stadium. If you have nothing to do and nowhere to go, come by and say hello. 

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