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Organic Compost | Niugini Black Gold

Boroko, National Capital
13 Oct 2020
We pack and price our product in metric volume at K1.50/L.
10L Bag @ K15
20L Bag @ K30
We are located at East Boroko and can be contacted on 79971065 or 75250463.

Here at Niugini Blackgold, we turn Organic Waste into Organic Compost Fertilzer.
We are all about Reducing, Recycling and Reusing.
Useful organic wastes like unwanted, decayed vegetables/fruit and even betelnut husks gets recycled and reused through composting instead of them ending up at the landfills and producing Green House Gases like methane and carbon dioxide.
We have been doing this project for 4 years now through trial & error, research, technical advise from THE SEED SUPPLIER gainning bit of experience to come up with our unique process of producing quality compost.
Using our C:N ratio, our compost pile literally bakes at temperatures ranging from 60C-70C killing any harmful pathogens.
When you buy our products, you're not only helping our local SME but you're also doing your part in reducing pollution and landfill for a Greener Environment.
Our matured and stable compost are professionally packed and sealed in 10L Bags, 20L Bags or customize sizes depending on our customers' preferences.
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