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Marketmeri.com is your best platform to sell products online in Papua New Guinea - that is a given. This why there more than 56, 000 followers on facebook and more than 1,800 have subscribed to our weekly newsletters. It is the best at selling to Papua New Guineans.

There are thousands that have set up accounts and sell hundreds of their products at a time faster - through Marketmeri but there are a handful that have highly marketable products but aren’t finding interest as quickly as they should. This handful of sellers find it difficult to sell not because there is not a demand for their product but simply because the product doesn’t look appealing.

When someone is searching for a particular item online they cannot touch and feel or smell the item. That is why if one wants to market something online - it MUST be attractive or pleasing to the eye, it must be an accurate representation, it must give as much information about the product as possible and must be up-to-date. No matter how versatile, how affordable or how in vogue your items are; if the picture is not any of the above it won’t get interested buyers.

So what makes a picture attractive, accurate, informative and up to date? Here are some tips that we have chosen for you to increase your online sales:

The first thing you should do before you start taking pictures is to get to know what features your camera or phone camera has.

1) Marketmeri has a maximum of 10mb per picture and 30 pictures in one listing. Keep this limit in mind. Take at least one picture for one listing, 10 pictures for one item is adequate but if the product comes in a variety of colours and designs - go for your life and upload as many GOOD pictures as you want.
marketmeri image management

2) It is best not to manipulate pictures. Adding frames, text, artwork, borders and it advisable NOT to create collages of any item, it is best to keep away from any photo editing.

3)The background is the first thing you must consider. A clean, plain, tidy and single coloured background is best. Choose somewhere where your product/s will stand out. If the item you are selling is dark or black in colour - choose a white wall or put it atop some white material.

4) It is best not to use filters, a flash or props. People may get confused by props, filters can confuse colours and a flash can make the product appear ‘lapun’ or faded. Instead turn off the flash, turn off the filters and if possible fill the whole frame with the product/s. In fact if the weather is okay take the picture outdoors.

5) Take pictures of your product/s from as many different angles as possible, get as much detail as possible of the product/s even dents, scrapes and other blemishes. Take some as close ups of little details that you would like to highlight - only then should you use the flash. If you want to show how small or how large something is - take pictures with some common household item to potray the size of the item.
image scaling
Image taken from Traffic and Sales

6) Make sure that you hold the camera steady - if you have tripod you should use it, if you don’t place the camera on something that is stable and steady. If you’re using a phone camera find one that has at least 8mp so that the image is clear.

For clothing, shoes and other fashion accessories the same rules apply and two more tips to keep in mind.

7) When your product/s are/is clothes it is always best to use a model, a mannequin (dummy) to try and show how it will fit on someone instead than laying it on a surface or hanging it on a hanger.
Image taken from Shopify

8) Handbags and bilum bags should have pictures of the lining or the inside of the bag as well as the zipper, the tags and the labels. To show as much detail as possible it is best to take pictures of the bag inside out too.

If you would like other tips on how best to market your product/s or you would like to ask other queries you can email [email protected] or visit our Marketmeri on facebook or you can call D:74700243 or B:75264887.

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