Facebook Ads Design and Management

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We are Offering Facebook Marketing Services to small businesses!
Facebook Ads Design and Management 
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  • Boost your posts: Paying to boost your posts makes them more visible to your current audience, i.e. more likely to land in their feeds. Facebook’s feed algorithm works to diminish the number of business pages that appear in a user’s feed. Many brands set aside a monthly budget for boosted posts –– just to get their activity in the feeds of those who already like and follow their brand on Facebook.
  • Promote your page: This ad unit is aimed at increasing the number of people who like or follow your brand profile on Facebook. Know that a larger audience does not necessarily mean larger reach. Even as you grow your audience, you likely still need to boost posts to make sure your audience is seeing what you post.
  • Reach people near your business: 54% of Facebook users check their Facebook account from a mobile device. This means they are likely out-and-about –– or mobile, if you will. This advertising shows ads to those users who are within a specified range of your business, promoting your Facebook business page. You can get creative with the copy here to encourage additional foot traffic as well as grow your Facebook audience.
  • Increase brand awareness: This advertising option uses Facebook’s algorithm to determine dwell time on your ads, then lifts those ads back up to users who spend a certain amount of time without scrolling — indicating a higher likelihood they’ll be interested in your brand or product. Here is how Facebook determines who to show the ad to:
  • In the awareness stage, you have a lot of options, and it’s likely that a combination of all will work best. You’ll see the following sentence multiple times throughout this guide: it is essential that you testmeasure and then double down on what works.

    From a strategy perspective, know that not all of these campaigns are going to be best suited for your needs.

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