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Where SMEs Come Out To Play

Jan. 16, 2020, 10:23 am.
Hand-crafted and painted tyres

Hosting almost 80 to 100 vendors each Saturday of every government fortnight, POM City Markets is a quintessential cultural spot for SMEs to do business however they want. 

Held on the grounds of the Sir John Guise Stadium, POM City Markets has evolved into a weekend ritual with throngs of visitors happily skipping through the aisles of the markets.

Most often than not, dots of tourists are usually lured by household castaways and once-loved pieces, that border on both the upcycled and the recycled kind. Others only make it there because boredom visited home. 

Nevertheless, POM City Markets is an inexpensive and amusing way of recreating a dull weekend. Every visitor will find something to love; priceless antiques, jewelry, and repurposed merchandise are only the beginning. It’s a lifestyle for vendors who attract a well defined audience. Ironically, the merchandises do the selling. Not the vendors. 

Same spot, same layout, and the same sales strategy may be true here, but some do it for a living, others do it for fun, while some do it for both - you guess the rest. It’s always a vibrant social scene at the POM City Markets, and foot traffic increases by the hour. Visitors can be seen meandering across the stalls with their eyes feasting on the goods on display. If the midday sun sends them looking for shades, there’s always one that’s easily accessible, along with thirst quenchers and the smoked goodness of outdoor barbeque.

Whether it’s a covetable good you’re after or an irresistible edible, this cultural purchase point is a must-stop for boredom-haters and enthusiasts of the locally-handcrafted-kind.


POM City Markets is an initiative hatched by Pascoe Promotions, a 100% nationally owned events management company. Some of the company’s staff provide security around the placement, helping vendors settle in and leave, collect entrance fees, and ensure basic rules - like no dangerous weapons, no chewing buai - are followed.

An open and family-friendly atmosphere, safe car park, and local vendors (both the established and the upcoming) offering fresh and creative works of varying designs, lengths, and colors,  bordering on imagination and authenticity, influence the theme of the POM City Markets.


It’s a safe and secure marketplace, and is helping me market my products. It has also allowed me to meet and connect with other vendors. I sell meri blouses, cakes and drinkable vanilla-flavored, virgin oils which I make myself


- Rita Yelurai, vendor, East Sepik Province
Good opportunity for small business owners, especially our women in business to showcase their products. It has given me the opportunity to network with other vendors and build my customer base, through selling and promoting arts and crafts by my people back home


- Bernadette Temu, vendor, Autonomous Region of Bougainville

By 4PM, POM City Market packs up and heads home for dinner. 

If you see potential in good sales for your products, then make it happen today by contacting Pascoe Promotions to register your stall for the next POM City Markets.

With Pascoe Promotions, you have the benefit of marketing to over 70,000 potential buyers, both domestic and international.
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