Promotim bisnis bilong yu long Pom City Makets -

Promotim bisnis bilong yu long Pom City Makets

Jul. 13, 2018, 09:54 am.

Pom City Markets | Source: Pascoe Promotions

Port Moresby is a great place to live and work. There is always something to do but most times fun things to do for one member can mean boredom for different members of the family. Frequently, what Mum wants to do is not fun for the kids, or what the kids want to do can be financially draining for parents.

Perhaps you are a visitor to our multifarious city and are looking to take home a souvenir or two? If you are looking for a particular PNG traditional basket, mat or necklace; or maybe you'd like to know what a traditional polynesian or melanesian tattoo would look like on you? 

Why go to the Pom City Markets? has the perfect solution for you. The Pom city markets are one of very few events that are open to the public and happen from morning until night (8am - 8pm). They occur every second Saturday of every month at the Sir John Guise Stadium, in that field in front of the Indoor Complex. The location is safe, safe parking is provided and gate fee is only K2 per person or K10 per vehicle; and it is definitely worth spending time there if you are a visitor or expatriate in Port Moreby.
Pom City Market Schedule
Pom City Market 2018 Schedule | Source: Pascoe Promotions

Miscellaneous modern and traditional fashion items can be found; shoes, bags, bilums, jewellery, dresses, bilum dresses and meri blouses. The food stalls add a mouth watering aroma to the air and available food products include locally made organic honey, mumu and other traditional recipes, stews and of course a bbq stall or two. A variety of traditional art and craft from all four regions of PNG and the Pacific is always available too. The kids aren’t forgotten, they have for their entertainment including a bouncy castle, face and body painting, balloons, many different carnival style games and laser tag. There is something to keep everyone happy!

An excellent avenue to further promote your business

Now the Port Moresby City Markets are heaps of fun and you can hang out, eat and find many treasures there. They provide a perfect location to find  a range of products BUT the Pom City Markets were actually created with the intention to support the PNG SME sector which is largely home based; by providing an affordable platform to further promote their products and services. The Pom City markets have steadily grown from 50 stalls and a whopping 100 stalls are anticipate for next month’s market!
Whole family entertained at the Pom City Markets | Source: Pascoe Promotions

Whole family is entertained at the Pom CIty Markets | Source: Pascoe Promotions

If you have been promoting your products on and have not yet had an opportunity to showcase in a public arena, then this is an excellent opportunity for you! You can increase your products visibility and expand your network - who knows you may even find a supplier for an item or ingredient that you have been searching for. Bookings for Saturday July 14th are full but if you would like to make bookings for next month you can speak to the staff under the Pascoe Group Tent, or call D +675 79283577 or  B +675 7539 3150 or you can email proudly supporting and we'll be there is proud to be a corporate sponsor of the Pom City Markets, in fact the team will be at the Pom City Markets providing assistance and advice for any interested business owner. If you want to market your product or service to over 70,000 potential buyers both locally and internationally, on multiple social media platforms and websites it's simple - just look for the blue banners and come chat with us. We will be in the middle of the stalls and our friendly team will be happy to assist with setting up your account and posting your items.

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